You create. We make. You wear.

Amanu represents a break from the expected. With an eye to the past, we’ve created a platform where creativity and beautiful craftsmanship are celebrated above all else.

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Embracing a human connection.

We value the moment.

The human-to-human experience sits at the heart of AMANU. We’ve created a process that removes the boredom of today’s retail landscape, instead focusing on connection and interaction—all in the name of creating a perfect-fitting sandal.

Empowering you to build your perfect shoe.

We value choice.

We’ve curated a range of materials and colors that we love, but the combinations and final decisions are ultimately yours. Our process allows you to create a one-of-a-kind sandal that is designed by you, and built for you, all within 30 minutes.

Do one thing, and do it right.

We value simplicity.

We make sandals using an ancient, timeless process. Our silhouettes find strength and beauty via the simplicity of their construction. Our focus is—and will remain on—making beautiful, bespoke sandals.

No waste, no excess. We use only what is necessary.

We value the pursuit of less.

Wherever possible, we remove. Consumerism leaves a large carbon footprint. At Amanu, we’re constantly trying to find ways to improve our process and reduce what isn’t needed.