You create. We make. You wear.

We believe in making objects that connect – connect us with the people, the history, and the process behind everything we do.

We believe in the pursuit of less by embracing the tactile and the timeless. Sandals are one of the most ancient and universal talismans of history and craft. Each pair we create is entirely one of a kind, made by hand, and designed with a resourceful reverence for the past, the earth, and the preservation of tradition.  

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We value human connection.

AMANU is rooted in the experience. We believe that everything is better when we slow down and take a moment to be present and connect with another human being. Every part of our process is designed to link us with the individuals, the tactile materials, and the rich stories that are layered into a seemingly simple sandal.

Empowering you to build your perfect shoe.

We value choice.

We’ve curated a range of materials and colors that we love, but the combinations and final decisions are ultimately yours. Our process allows you to create a one-of-a-kind sandal that is designed by you, and built for you, all within 30 minutes.

Do one thing, and do it right.

We value simplicity.

Minimalism doesn’t mean stripping away. We carefully source all the material we use, deliberately minimizing waste by only using what we need.

No waste, no excess. We use only what is necessary.

We value the pursuit of less.

Wherever possible, we remove. Consumerism leaves a large carbon footprint. At Amanu, we’re constantly trying to find ways to improve our process and reduce what isn’t needed.