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Your First Fit's On Us!

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At AMANU, we believe in the profound connection between you and your sandals. We understand that the perfect fit is more than just comfort—it's a reflection of your unique journey. With our complimentary "First Fit's On Us" service, we not only prioritize your satisfaction but also celebrate the essence of individuality. If you receive your sandals and find that a strap doesn't quite align with your distinctive style, rest assured, we've got you covered. Read on to learn how we ensure your comfort without compromising your authenticity.

How It Works 

Experience the complimentary "First Fit's On Us" program hassle-free with our downloadable fit card. Your comfort matters, and so does your individuality. This card isn't just a convenience; it's your canvas for personalization. Download it directly from the product page and, should you need a strap adjusted, simply outline your tweaks on the card.

6 Simple Steps

1. Download and print your "First Fit's On Us" card from our website.

2. Indicate any necessary strap adjustments on the fit card.

3. Notify hello@amanustudio.com about your fit adjustment, and we'll provide a pre-paid label.

4. Print your pre-paid label & fit card and send the sandals back to us free of charge.

5. Relax! Our expert team will skillfully customize your sandals to match your unique style and journey.

6. We'll swiftly return your personalized sandals to you, also free of charge.

fit guide

Finding your Perfect Fit

To ensure the best fit, measure the sole length from the top to the bottom of the heel. We highly recommend staying within the sole's stitching, leaving a 1/8 inch space all around for optimal comfort.

Whole sizes: We create sandals in whole sizes, so if you usually wear a half size, we recommend sizing down.

High arch or wide foot: If you have high arches or wider feet, consider sizing up for an ideal fit.

Natural materials: Our sandals are crafted from natural materials, so they may initially feel a bit snug. But fear not – they will mold to your feet as you embark on your journey.

Important Details

Valid for U.S. orders only: Our "First Fit's On Us" service is available for customers in the United States who purchase through Amanu.com.

International orders: Unfortunately, we don't ship internationally, and this service does not apply.

Lost or damaged packages: Please note that Amanu is not liable for lost or damaged packages during the return process.

Additional refits: If further adjustments are needed, you will be responsible for the costs of shipping back and forth for subsequent refits.

Returns: Any adjusted product is no longer eligible for a return or refund.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Fit?

It's time to experience the luxury of perfectly fitting sandals. Explore our collection and find your ideal pair today.

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